Why Replace When You Can Refinish?

Refinishing is the smart choice to deal with an outdated or damaged surface as tub, countertop, sink, wall tile or cabinets. Chips, rust, cracks, stains and dull areas completely go away. Fixtures with outdated colors can be changed and look new again. You choose the color to fit your new decor.

Refinishing & Reglazing

We can Modernize and Revitalize your Outdated Surfaces at a Fraction of the Price!

Do you want to hire a reputable company that can offer you a flawless reglazing service?  If you do, Cape Property Pros is the company that can provide you with a professional reglazing service that will not only meet your requirements but completely exceed your expectations. We offer the best solution for surface restoration.

The Professional Advantage

Professional results done quickly and properly that any Do-It-Yourselfer will appreciate!

Refinishing and re-glazing are not a do-it-yourself projects. If your intention is long lasting durable surface that will save you cash you may end up spending more in the long run. If done wrong your bound to be paying for a lengthy stripping process before any new finish can be applied.


In all cases a proper job requires the use of fairly hazardous chemicals and materials that require professional application, disposal and precaution in handling. It takes expert training to do it right and cleanup any residue afterwards. Fumes and particulate get everywhere but we as professionals have the best ways to deal with that.


Don't believe the hype! Get it done right the first time.

Kitchen Cabinets & Countertops

Cape Property Pros cabinet refinishing service will revitalize the look of your kitchen and extend the lifespan of your kitchen cabinets and countertops for years to come.

Bathtubs Refinishing and Surrounds

Bathtub refinishing is a cost effective bathroom makeover alternative to replacing a bathtub that is worn out, damaged, hard to clean, or simply the wrong color. 


Get the Cape Property Pro Advantage!

In Almost every case major defects can be repaired and covered. In every case handles and knobs can be changed and moved

And We know we can brighten up any dark room.


Kitchen Cabinets & Countertops Refinishing

A Tired Looking Kitchen can be Renewed and Revitalized

Swifter & Safer 

Cape Property Pros kitchen cabinet refinishing services are faster, cleaner, and healthier for families compared to most traditional refinishing methods. Our refinishing process takes just a few days and produces minimal dust, odors, and VOCs. This makes us perfect for homes with young children, household pets, or family members with respiratory concerns.

We want to make sure your home looks great when we are finished, not just your kitchen cabinets, which is why we take extra time to protect your floors, countertop, and appliances. On most projects, we encapsulate our work with plastic walls and use high-velocity portable exhaust axial hose fan to help reduce the VOC's (smells) produced by the project, thereby limiting the disruption in your home.

We like to do it your way

Our refinishing process is performed by skilled craftsmen, using state-of-the-art refinishing methods and technologies. We offered both sprayed and brushed finished to tailor to your style and your preference. We offer finishes in dozens of colors and textures to fit almost any decorating plan. Finally, we use only the best materials and procedures to give you a durable and attractive counter top that you can be proud of for many years to come.

Don't Replace, Repair

We can repair and restore existing kitchen countertops and vanities, and extend their functional life without replacement.


Countertop refinishing is almost always more affordable than replacing old and worn countertops. Refinishing will typically save you 30% to 50% over total replacement cost, considered to be the biggest advantage of countertop refinishing. It's not only more affordabe but it avoids the demolition mess associated with countertop replacement and the days waiting for the new countertop installation. You will have the kitchen you want in days, not in weeks.

A refinished countertop is durable and can extend the useful life of your counters to 10-15 years with basic care and maintenance.


Get the Cape Property Pro Advantage!

We warranty our work against cracking or peeling from the date of completion for 5 years. This warranty covers workmanship, peeling or other failure of adhesion of the new coating.  For further warranty details, contact Cape Property Pros.

Bathtub & Bathroom Counter Refinishing

A New Look in Less Time Without Replacing Anything!

Don't Replace, Refinish

A typical bathroom makeover can cost thousands to remove and replace the bathtub and tile surround, as well as install a new vanity. Cape Property Pros can save you up to 75% over replacement costs. 

If you think your bathtub is the wrong color for your bathroom, peeling, chipping or in other desperate need of attention, our trained professionals at Cape Property Pros can help you. We specialize in refinishing bathtubs and surrounds. We repair chips or cracks and restore the surface to look and feel like new. By utilizing our proven process to refinish bathtubs and other fixtures, Cape Property Pros can help you achieve the dream bathroom you’ve always wanted.

How we Renew your Tub

First, the tub is thoroughly cleaned using specially formulated two-step cleaners to remove soap scum, mineral deposits, and body oils. Next, all cracks and chips are repaired. Cape Property Pros' proprietary bonding agent, MM-4, is applied to ensure a solid bond between the old surface and the new finish. Finally, our trained professional uses a fine-finish spray process to apply a hi-tech, durable acrylic coating. (This is not bathtub paint!) We also offer methods to refinish your plastic bathtub.


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